Our Commitment

Quality control & quality assurance

Our motto statement, ‘We build and We care for a better Nigeria’, is synonymous with high quality, value added, less maintenance and long durability.

Our commitment to quality is reflected though our ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certification.

We opt for a 100% quality provision of service to our clients. Every project is given the same level of attention to detail and provision of quality. We believe that a client’s project, irrespective of size, is a venture of value and we treat it as such. All projects receive 100% attention to detail and value engineering.

Our company strives to be a premier player in the Nigerian construction industry. To achieve this goal, we are striving to attain the international standards of excellence, reliability and quality.

In-house technical and professional staff at our offices are committed to expedite duties in conformance with laid down procedures and principles. The documented procedures and processes are reviewed regularly to determine their adequacy vis-a-vis the emerging industry trends such as the oil and gas industry.

Health & safety policy

Vita Construction Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its people and stakeholders. Health & Safety are core values that are incorporated into all aspects and operations of our business and integrated into our management systems at all levels.

Our commitment is reflected though our ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management) certification.

At Vita Construction, everyone is responsible to contribute for a safe and healthy work environment. Everyone is expected to demonstrate that Health & Safety are core values through responsible behavior, visible commitment, and active engagement of each other.

When it comes to health & safety, Vita Construction Ltd believes the only acceptable performance is zero accidents, incidents or occupational illnesses. Reaching this goal is critical for us in our drive to attain excellence.

To meet our health & safety goals we specifically focus on targeted H&S training to maintain and constantly improve the way we perform across all operations.

Our continuous commitment to maintaining high health and safety standards has won us several awards, commendations, and recognitions from our clients:

  • APM Terminals -2,000,000 safe man hours without Lost Time Injury, (The West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), Expansion & Improvement –ONNE, Port Harcourt)
  • APM Terminals – Global Safety Day 2022 in appreciation of our contribution in WACT, (The West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), Expansion & Improvement –ONNE, Port Harcourt)
  • ABInBev -1,000,000 safe man hours (AB InBev, International Brewery, Shagamu, Lagos, Nigeria, 2019)
  • Nestle Nigeria Plc – 300,000 safe man hours (Distribution Centre and Milo factory for Nestle Nigeria PLC, 2023)
  • APM Terminals – 3,000,000 safe man hours without Lost Time Injury (The West Africa Container Terminal(WACT) July 2023)

Training policy

It is our policy to constantly train and retrain our personnel to enable us to maintain the quality and ethical standards that describes and defines our operations.

Our quest is to leverage on expatriate skills and to build indigenous competencies.

On the job practical training is complemented by structured training programs. We encourage our employees through incentives and reward those that take pro-active steps to improve their skills. We are constantly on the lookout for competent, talented people to be trained to ensure positive growth for the company.

Corporate social responsibility

We are proud to be an organisation that has corporate social responsibility (CSR) embedded in our vision and core values.

We are committed to maintain excellent relations and support our local communities as well as engage with non profit organisations and charities to impact society. We collaborate with charities and raise awareness for a range of causes that our people are also passionate about. Some charities we collaborate with include:

  • The (Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh) Health Trust (DRASA) a public health nonprofit organisation working to keep people healthy and safe. From education and outreach programs in low-resource communities to training students and health professionals to developing new policies and guidelines in Nigeria.
  • The Kanu Heart Foundation a non governmental, non profit  organisation helping indigent Nigerian children with cardiac diseases to obtain life saving surgeries within and outside Nigeria 

In addition, part of our CSR initiatives is to actively support Industrial Training and Youth Service schemes in collaboration with Nigerian Universities by offering job placements to students at our offices and sites. 

Finally it is our policy to:

  • Provide Community development and assistance to the host community. Vita Construction has supported local communities at project sites by offering infrastructure improvement works such as providing bore holes, construct drainages & donated funds and building materials to communities at project areas.
  • Source labour substantially from within the local community where we work thereby creating employment for local people.
  • Involve local subcontractors and suppliers in our projects by awarding sub-contract work and utilizing supply of local building materials.
  • Operate an employment policy without discrimination as detailed by the National Joint Industrial Council NJIC.

Sustainability & environmental policy

Sustainability is embedded in our core mission and strategy and we are committed to include all key areas of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental aspects into all our projects and business activities.

Our aim is to fully comprehend and engage with our clients and stakeholders sustainability drivers so we can encourage adoption of sustainable practices and solutions at all stages of our projects. To ensure we meet our clients sustainability targets we are also regularly requested by our clients to be assessed regarding our sustainability performance through independent third parties, such Ecovadis, CDP and Sedex reviewing our performance on: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement, Climate Change, Water Security and Supply Chain Sustainability.

Alongside our commitment to sustainability, we are also committed to respect the local environment and avoid any activities that may damage it. Our commitment is reflected through our ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) certification and it is our policy to comply strictly with environmental protection issues emanating from host communities at project locations.

Finally, as part of our sustainability commitment and continuous improvement work, we partner up with RecyclePoints, – Nigeria’s foremost waste recycling venture; to manage our waste and recycling. By monitoring our waste in this way, we can effectively track our recycling and promote the sustainability culture to our people and stakeholders.