Concrete division

Operating more than 9 concrete batching plants at major project locations. We have a combined operational capacity of 2,000m3 of concrete production per day.

Structural steel

Fully equipped structural steel workshop, including a latest technology plasma cutting machine and CNC machine. Carrying out large volumes of structural steel elements fabrication including cutting of beams, cutting & punching of plates, threading of rods for hinges, welding, sand blasting & painting. All structural elements are prepared in our workshop and at a state ready to be delivered to site for erection.


Our aluminium workshop is fully equipped with the latest machinery and production lines to meet our clients highest aesthetic and functional requirements; from manufacturing large volumes of aluminium doors, partitions, windows and curtain walls, utilizing both locally extruded and imported aluminium profiles.
The workshop has also the facilities and inhouse expertise for the assembly and installation of wall cladding made from Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), tiles (from natural stones & ceramic) and other.


Our fully equipped joinery workshop manufactures and delivers large volumes of timber doors and built-in cabinets for our projects. 
Our experienced production team has the necessary knowledge (from design to execution) and machinery to produce custom made office and household furniture, often based just on a design intent given to us by our clients. 
In addition, the workshop  has the facilities and inhouse expertise to manufacture and install various and unique types of flooring, cladding and ceilings in order to fulfil our client’s and architect’s requirements.


Continuous investment in construction plant and machinery has always been a priority in order to improve our services.

Our capacity consists of top of the range equipment and machinery, including Earth movers and Transport Equipment, Reinforced Concrete Equipment, lifting equipment, Lightweight Machinery and others.